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4 Reasons Everyone Is Nuts About Us!
Handpicked from the best

We source our quality products from our network of Farms in over 71+ countries

Handled with Love

From farm to table, everything is done in-house By our people; For you, our people!

Harnessed with Goodness

Every treat you eat is healthy & made with renewable energy!

Handcrafted for your lifestyle

Gluten-free, natural, vegetarian- We make treats that suit you!

Molsi’s Bestsellers
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Honey Roasted Cashews (50g X 10)
Molsi's Honey Roasted Cashew 200g (50g X 4)
california almonds price
Molsi's Pitted Prunes 200g
Salted Almonds
Molsi's Salted Almonds 200g
buy cashews online
Molsi's Salted Pumpkin Seeds 200g
blissfully salted pistachu
Molsi’s Royal Californian Walnuts 200g
Molsi's Medjool Dates 500g
Molsi's Medjool Dates 500g
Kimia Date
Molsi's Kimia Dates 500g

Dates Range

You don't need a calendar to savour these delicious treats! Presenting our superior quality range of dates!

Molsi's Ajwa Dates Pack Of 500g

Rs. 665.00Rs. 785.00

Molsi's Seedless Tunisian Dates Pack Of 500g

Rs. 300.00

Molsi's Safawi dates 250g

Rs. 200.00Rs. 225.00

Molsi's Jumbo Medjool Dates 500g

Rs. 799.00Rs. 900.00

Combos for the Win

Indulge in our favorite combos and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

Molsi's Total Immunity Combo 1.5 Kg

Rs. 1,599.00Rs. 2,205.00

Molsi's Morning Snack 400g - (Pistachios + Almonds)

Rs. 560.00Rs. 700.00

Molsi's Royal Combo 400g - (Royal Cashew + Royal Almond)

Rs. 509.00Rs. 545.00

Molsi's Nutty Duet 400g (Jumbo Cashew + Walnuts)

Rs. 620.00Rs. 720.00
We put better nutrition first
Along with a few other things

Nature takes pride of place
among our priorities


Diversity is the reason why
70% of us are women


We care for the feelings of others
and other creatures

Let’s take a tour…

Molsi’s is a Bolas brand. This means that it’s born of 60 years of experience and benefits from the expertise of a thriving team of industry professionals. Today, we have the biggest factory in Asia equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a fully automated system. We source our raw materials from over 71+ countries around the globe. But the foundation to all this success is one principle we follow- At Molsi's, just as we do at Bolas, we put our customers first. Here’s a look at how we do things.