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              Molsi's Ajwa Dates Pack Of 500g

              Rs. 665.00Rs. 785.00

              Molsi's Jumbo Medjool Dates 500g

              Rs. 799.00Rs. 900.00

              Molsi's Seedless Tunisian Dates Pack Of 500g

              Rs. 300.00

              Molsi's Safawi dates 250g

              Rs. 200.00Rs. 225.00

              Molsi's Safawi Dates 500g

              Rs. 400.00Rs. 485.00

              Molsi's Basra Dates 250g

              Rs. 194.00Rs. 225.00

              Molsi's Royal Zahidi Dates 500g

              Rs. 160.00

              Molsi's Kimia Dates 500g

              Rs. 200.00

              Molsi's Honey Roasted Cashew 200g

              Rs. 325.00Rs. 380.00

              Molsi's Pitted Prunes 200g

              Rs. 250.00

              Molsi’s Dried Whole Cranberries 200g

              Rs. 265.00

              Molsi's Dried Strawberries 200g

              Rs. 325.00

              Molsi's Dried Blueberries 150g

              Rs. 485.00

              Molsi’s Dried Apricots 250g

              Rs. 335.00

              Molsi's Royal Californian Almonds 200g

              Rs. 230.00

              Molsi's Cashews Royal Crunch 200g

              Rs. 250.00

              Molsi's Roasted & Salted Pumpkin Seeds 200g

              Rs. 170.00Rs. 275.00

              Molsi's Roasted & Salted Sunflower Seeds 200g

              Rs. 105.00Rs. 160.00

              Molsi's Raw Sunflower Seeds 200g

              Rs. 75.00Rs. 110.00

              Molsi's Raw Flax seeds 200g

              Rs. 45.00Rs. 65.00

              Molsi's Raw Pumpkin Seeds 200g

              Rs. 135.00Rs. 220.00

              Molsi's Raw Black Chia Seeds 200g

              Rs. 75.00Rs. 110.00

              Molsi’s Royal Californian Walnuts 200g

              Rs. 300.00Rs. 345.00

              Molsi's Brown Dry Dates 500g

              Rs. 259.00Rs. 335.00

              Molsi's Yellow Dry Dates 500g

              Rs. 265.00Rs. 335.00

              Molsi's Cashew Tiny Delight 500g

              Rs. 459.00Rs. 525.00

              Molsi's Broken Cashew 500g

              Rs. 439.00Rs. 575.00

              Molsi's Indian Raisins 500g

              Rs. 210.00

              Molsi's Pistachio Kernels 500g

              Rs. 850.00Rs. 1,000.00

              Molsi's Anjeer Royal Afghan 250g

              Rs. 375.00Rs. 415.00

              Molsi's Total Immunity Combo 1.5 Kg

              Rs. 1,599.00Rs. 2,205.00

              Molsi's Blissfully Salted Combo 600g - (Almonds + Cashews + Pistachios)

              Rs. 950.00Rs. 1,090.00

              Molsi's Royal Combo 400g - (Royal Cashew + Royal Almond)

              Rs. 509.00Rs. 545.00

              Molsi's Nutty Duet 400g (Jumbo Cashew + Walnuts)

              Rs. 620.00Rs. 720.00

              Molsi's Pistachios Blissfully Salted 200g

              Rs. 375.00

              Molsi's Morning Snack 400g - (Pistachios + Almonds)

              Rs. 560.00Rs. 700.00

              Molsi's Jumbo Crunch Cashews 200g

              Rs. 375.00

              Molsi's Blissfully Salted Cashews 200g

              Rs. 365.00

              Molsi's Blissfully Salted Almonds 200g

              Rs. 350.00

              Molsi's Pepper Cashews 200g

              Rs. 329.00Rs. 365.00
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