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Almonds Royal Californian (200g)

Rs. 180.00Rs. 250.00

The Royal Combo - Royal Cashew + Royal Almond

Rs. 420.00Rs. 575.00

Pistachios Blissfully Salted (200g)

Rs. 275.00Rs. 380.00

Cashews Royal Crunch (200g)

Rs. 245.00Rs. 325.00

Molsi’s Walnuts - Royal Californian (200g)

Rs. 355.00Rs. 499.00

Cashews Jumbo Crunch (200g)

Rs. 325.00Rs. 499.00

Morning Snack - Pistachios + Almonds

Rs. 430.00Rs. 630.00

Almonds Blissfully Salted (200g)

Rs. 250.00Rs. 295.00

Cashews Blissfully Salted (200g)

Rs. 281.00Rs. 375.00

Kimia Dates (500g)

Rs. 200.00Rs. 275.00