We’re a team that always puts your nutrition first. We believe in delivering the best products in order to meet your nutritional needs. With minimal human touch and additives and 100% in-house processes, we ensure that everything that reaches you is good for you. An addition to this is the mouth-watering flavours we offer. With Molsi’s, you never have to compromise your health for taste, or vice versa.


At Bolas, we’re big on women empowerment. We believe in providing women with the same employment opportunities as men. In fact, 70% of our workforce is only women. We ensure we provide a safe culture and a chance at financial independence, further motivating our women employees to give their best.


All our practices and methods revolve around environmental and social sustainability. In no way do we neglect Mother Nature. We’re greatly indebted to her and try our best to protect her by resorting to responsible processes. Solar energy powers the majority of our machines and devices, and we plan to support this by investing more in renewable sources of energy in the future.


Water conservation is something that is very close to our hearts. We want to give our planet a sustainable future by focusing on this aspect. At Bolas, we recycle used water, train our employees to conserve water, and follow the best practices in water treatment. Optimum usage of natural resources has always been our aim.

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