Molsi's Pitted Prunes 200g
Molsi's Pitted Prunes 200g
Molsi's Pitted Prunes 200g
Molsi's Pitted Prunes 200g

Molsi's Pitted Prunes 200g

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It’s time to bid adieu to all your dessert cravings, because we’ve got you covered with our superior quality Prunes that’ll surely add a whole lot of sweetness to your meals!

High in nutrients like potassium and fibre, our pitted, dry plums that are sourced from California, check all boxes of the qualities of a diet-friendly yet delicious snack. It can be enjoyed in more ways than one – as an ingredient in your smoothie, a topping on your cereal or Greek yoghurt, and straight from the pack!

In other words, they’re the epitome of deliciousness.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester
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 High fibre content

High fibre content

 No added sugar

No added sugar

High in potassium

High in potassium

Low in fat

Low in fat

When to snack on
Molsi’s Prunes

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At Breakfast

With that beautiful bowl of porridge, fruit,
or cereal.


After a Workout

For that much-needed
energy boost.



To stave off hunger and
keep you going all day.


With a dessert

Top off your favourite dessert
for some extract indulgence!


You must’ve heard that Prunes are high in calories, while
they have very little to offer nutrition-wise. However,
that’s not true! One average-sized Prune has just 20
calories and comes loaded with nutrients. Some sources
also suggest using prune puree as a sugar alternative to
decrease a recipe’s caloric value.


Did you know that

Historically, Prunes were popularly consumed after a
poor harvest or while embarking on long journeys, as
they were considered to be a great source of energy.